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What is a "Punch-List"?

A punch list is a document used in construction once a project has been completed. The client lists all of the items that are not up to their standards. A zero punch list indicates that every item on the customer's list was completed in customer's full satisfaction.

As a Zero “Punch-List” project. We strive to correct/fix those items that may show up on a “punch-list” far before the customer sees them or can bring them to our attention. We should already be aware of them and “fix” them. Or better yet, don’t let them even happen! We do not offer short cuts, half baked efforts or quick fixes. We perform our work systematically and with great care so our standards exceed your expectations.

Integrity in motion.         

Construction Consulting Services

Do you plan for your vacation and for your retirement? Are you planning on contacting several contractors for a free estimate on home repairs or renovations? Why not hire a professional to help you PLAN before you begin?

Let our 30+ years of expertise in both the commercial and residential markets help with planning your project. Zero Punch-List will assess your needs, evaluate your existing conditions, check for feasibility issues and supply you with the knowledge you need to WIN the game of “hiring the right contractor." Hire an expert at Zero Punch-List to assist you in planning your project, whether you desire to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, or completely renovate a home or commercial space.

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About Us

We are family owned & operated which ensures our standards remain high. We offer a number of construction, repair and renovation services which are listed on our services link above. The portfolio links above show a few of our recent projects.

We will serve you and metro Richmond with the same "exhaustive" service we give all of our clients.